Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kowloon Mahjong

Kowloon Mahjong Free
Kowloon Mahjong 九龍麻雀

Available at iTunes store.  


  1. Hi, I like your version very much but I have found a problem. When you Pong a set of tiles and self pick another of the same, the game will not allow you to call kong so you can pick another tile. Tell me if I have to do something special or will it be fixed in an update? I hope an update is coming soon, thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. I am glad that you like it. I do play it everyday whenever I have a few minutes here and there.

    There will be a newer version update today which accounts for Gong with 4 same tiles all inside one hand. This version also has a fix that if the very last tile is the winning tile, the game will let you win instead of wrongly assuming that it is a draw game.

    The case where you have already Pong-ed 3 tiles and then later on draw the 4th tile for a Gong, is not in this update. It will be accounted for in the coming version update in coming weeks. Hopefully, by then the counting of scores will also be included as well.

    Thank you for your support! I do enjoy playing a HK mahjong game rather than playing other rules of mahjong.

  3. Oops, I forgot u mentioned self pick kong was not fixed yet. I just reported it. Sorry. Please fix though, it is an aggrevating problem.

  4. A newer version will be submitted to Apple by this week. Usually it will take them 1 to 2 weeks to process before the update is made available to the public.

    This newer version will have the self pick kong fixed. When the player discard a tile same as those of an exposed triplet he/she already has, the player can choose to either kong or discard the tile.

    Another fix will be the counting of scores of each game. Thanks for your patience!

  5. How can I turn off the sound? thanks

  6. as I dun want to switch to vibrate mode.

  7. Sorry, one more thing, can I change the color of the mahjong? In addition, do you have plan to add the how much need to pay when win as well? thanks

  8. Thanks for your comment. We plan to add an options menu for setting preferences, which include the sound and perhaps the colors of the background and mahjong. The display of the accumulated scores is a good idea. Thanks.

  9. I really like your game, however I have a few problems with it.

    1.) The game seems to crash a lot. Other times. Usually, when it is the computer's turn, it will take a really long time and the the circle will just spin for a minute the die. What causes this? Can you fix it.

    2.) Could you enhance the scoring functionality so that scores carry over between the rounds?

    3.) When the computer gets Mahjong and and shows its tiles, it does not organize the tiles into the winning sets. It just displays them.

    Overall, very fun game and pretty good computer players. Just needs some polish for it to be a great game.

  10. A new update is submitted to Apple. The tile graphics is now more realistic. The update is expected to be approved within a few days. Stay tuned!

  11. Great upgrade! Did u tweak the AI too? The computer seems to be going for higher hands now. I like that!

    Thanks for continuing to improve this game!

    It's Ken btw, can't sign on as my other account for some reason.

  12. Hi Ken, I am glad you like it. I like the realistic tiles graphics. The AI is improved: the extra long thinking process is now much reduced. This version of the code is more stable, although I have just submitted yet another update to Apple yesterday. This version 1.3.1 code will be available in a few days and has fixed the crash sometimes when going to the score result screen. The crash happens now when the winning player has a Kong (4-of-a-kind) in the score result screen. It is fixed in 1.3.1.

  13. A software update is submitted to Apple. It contains the following:
    - Added counting of scores.
    - Added sound option settings.
    - Added iPod library access.
    Hope this can be approved within a week.

  14. Hi, just downloaded the app and was wondering what the "chi" button means. Thanks!

  15. The 'chi' button gives a chance for the player to pick a tile which he/she is expecting. What actually happens is that when the 'chi' button is pressed, among the unused tiles, a random tile of the suit which the player is automatically moved to the head of the unused tile. The player can then pick the tile.
    In each game, there is one chance to use 'chi'. However, when the player has a 'kong', then he/she is allowed to do one more 'chi' for each 'kong'.

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  17. Hello
    Do you still update this app? I play the free version a lot but it is very buggy (it crashes very often when a game is finished), I would like to support your effort by buying the full version but I want to be sure that the bugs will be fixed. Thanks!

  18. Hi Alex, are you referring to the Android version or the iPhone/iPad version?